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 1. Procedure for Authentication

1) All notarial deeds and other documents issued in Croatia need firstly to be legalized by the Consular Directorate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia, then sent to the Embassy for Authentication.

2) Address of Consular Directorate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia:  Meduliceva 36,10000 Zagreb

3) Documents and certificates notarized in China and intended to be used in Croatia, have to be sent to The Department of Consular Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China or Local Foreign Affair Offices for legalization first, then sent to the Croaita Embassy to China for Authentication.

  2. Documents needed

Applicant should submit:

1)  Application form

2) Orignal and copy of the documents to be authenticated

3)  For individual documents, please provide original and copy of applicant's passport (If the applicant does not have a passport, the copy of Identity card should be submitted.);

     For corporate documents, please provide a cover letter, original and copy of passport of the legal representative of the company.

4)  If the application is submitted by an agent, please complete Section 2 on the application form and submit original and copy of the agent's passport.

5)  Other supporting documents a consular officer may request.

3. List of Fee

Type of Legalization

Fees (in Kuna)

Civil Affairs


Commercial properties


Express cost (to be picked up on the next working day of Consular Section of the Embasssy): 100 Kuna.

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