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The Chinese Embassy holds the Seminar on Deepening China-Croatia Economic Relations
2014-09-17 02:52

The Chinese embassy held a seminar in the embassy a few days ago. Prof. Tihomir Domazet, Ph.D, President of the Croatian institute of Finance and Accounting, gave a lecture on the present economic situation in Croatia as well as into China-Croatia current economic ties in order to enable better insight to the diplomatic staff. Ambassador Deng Ying, Political Counselor Wang Xiusheng, Commercial Counselor Liu Kai together with other members of diplomatic staff participated in the Seminar.

Professor Domazet presented a thorough analysis of Croatian current economic situation from the viewpoint of economic science, analyzed present economic circumstances in the EU, described main political and economic trends in the Central and Eastern European countries, finally stressing the importance and valuable contribution to the strengthening of China-Croatia economic and other ties provided by the “China- Central and Eastern European countries” cooperation mechanism and the “Silk Road Economic Belt” initiative.

Friendly open discussion followed in a pleasant atmosphere, with Chinese diplomats active participation posing their questions on Croatian economic situation to prof.Domazet , based on their own working experience in Croatia, as to help them to improve the cooperation between the two countries.

All agreed that China and Croatia are complementary in the economic field, having great potential for cooperation. The advantages of Croatia’s geographical position are evident, which can serve as entrance for the Chinese industry into the Central and Eastern European countries and other countries of the EU. Croatia should work to find ways to deploy its surrounding infrastructure combining its different possibilities for development. Furthermore, to improve the conditions for trade and foreign investment. Prof.Domazet spoke highly of the inspiring Chinese initiative for friendly interaction and spoke highly of Mr. Li Keqiang, Chinese Prime Minister for his speeches at the Boao forum and Davos forum held this year in Tianjin, which have contributed greatly to his deeper understanding of China’s reform process, also helping him in his further research.

The lecture and discussions covers a wide range of economic knowledge and is close to the diplomats’ daily work, contributing to a better understanding of the current economic situation in Croatia, as well as to further deepening China and Croatia economic cooperation.

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