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Wang Yi Meets with National Security Advisor to Afghan President Hamdullah Mohib

On January 10, 2019, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with National Security Advisor to Afghan President Hamdullah Mohib at Zhongnanhai.

Wang Yi expressed that China and Afghanistan are traditional friendly neighboring countries. The two countries have always enjoyed mutual understanding and trust as well as supported and helped each other. Recently, the situation in Afghanistan has witnessed new changes. On this occasion, you have been entrusted by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to communicate and coordinate with the Chinese side, which is highly timely and necessary. The Chinese side firmly supports the Afghan government's efforts in maintaining national security and stability as well as promoting the "Afghan-led and Afghan-owned" political reconciliation process. The Chinese side has always believed that the Afghan issue should be ultimately decided by all the Afghan people, and all parties involved in the Afghan issue should respect Afghanistan's sovereignty, the will of the Afghan people and the Afghan government's role. The Chinese side is willing to continuously provide necessary support for and play a due role in the process of reconciliation and peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Hamdullah Mohib briefed Wang Yi on the recent development of the situation in Afghanistan and expressed that the Afghan side thanked the Chinese side's long-term and positive efforts in advancing the Afghan reconciliation process and appreciated the constructive role the Chinese side has played in promoting regional peace and stability. Attaching great importance to its relations with China, the Afghan side regards China as the most trustworthy friend and stands ready to continue maintaining close communication with the Chinese side on the development of the situation in Afghanistan in the next step.

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