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Ambassador Hu Zhaoming Meets with the Delegation from the Institute of the World Economy and Politics from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

On July 26th, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Croatia H.E. Mr Hu Zhaoming met with the secretary of the Party Committee from the Institute of the World Economy and Politics from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Mr. Chen Guoping and his delegation. Two sides exchanged their opinions on carrying forward the ''One Belt, One Road'' construction in Central and Eastern Europe, matching the developmental strategies of China and Croatia, Chinese company that had won the tender for the Peljesac bridge project and two countries' think tanks’ cooperation, as well as other topics.

Ambassador Hu Zhaoming emphasized that at present, China and Croatia were facing the excellent opportunity, where ''timing was right, geographical and social conditions were favorable''. ''Timing'' referred to the fact that, in times when China's comprehensive state power and international influence greatly increased, China and Croatia had high degree of consensus on strengthening bilateral political friendship; ''geographical'' referred to the fact that Croatia was participating in ''One Belt, One Road'', as well as in China-Central and Eastern European Countries Cooperation (''16+1 cooperation''), which offered a beneficial platform for countries to strengthen their comprehensive cooperation. ''Human unity'' referred to the fact that China-Croatia relations had a solid people's support; especially after this World Football Cup, Croatia's popularity in China had increased greatly. Ambassador Hu Zhaoming expressed his belief that China-Croatia relations, as well as bilateral practical cooperation, would step into the new phase and have a brighter future.

Ambassador Hu Zhaoming welcomed other research institutes from China Academy of Social Sciences to visit Croatia and strengthen communication and cooperation between related departments and think tanks, in order to provide valuable ideas and suggestions for further development of China-Croatia relations.

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