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Ambassador Xu Erwen Taking an Interview with Telegram.hr
2020-04-20 17:05

On April 18, 2020, Telegram.hr, the largest digital-only publisher with the most users in Croatia, published an exclusive interview with Ambassador Xu Erwen. Ambassador Xu answered questions related to the talk between Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on the phone, China’s support for the Croatian side, and bilateral cooperation in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Ambassador Xu pointed out that, while the COVID-19 pandemic is raging worldwide, we are standing firmly together with the Croatian people to fight and overcome the pandemic hand in hand. Not long ago, China was hit head-on and we will never forget the support to us from the Croatian government and people from all walks of life here during the most difficult period in China. Then-President Mme Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, Prime Minister Mr. Andrej Plenković, Speaker of Parliament Mr. Gordan Jandroković and other senior politicians, as well as former President Mr. Stjepan Mesić, former President Mr. Ivo Josipović and other friendly people have expressed their sympathy and support to China. Through donations, letters, videos and other practical actions to support China, all sectors of the Croatian society have delivered love, confidence and strength to the Chinese people. We will always remember and cherish such friendship.

China has just come out of the most difficult phase. We have had a serious fought, paid a heavy price and made great sacrifices. Thus we are fully aware of the hardship in fighting COVID-19 and have a better understanding of the difficulties and challenges the Croatian government and people are facing. China highly appreciates the Croatian government’s prompt and decisive measures to combat the pandemic since the outbreak, which demonstrates its responsible attitude towards all the people. As a country with traditional friendship and comprehensive cooperation partnership of Croatia, China is willing to sincerely support and help Croatia within our capacity.

Ambassador Xu noted that last month, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang spoke with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on the phone, demonstrating the firm determination of the two countries to fight the pandemic hand in hand and overcome the difficulties side by side, and gave a strong boost to the all-round development of bilateral relations between two countries. China held a video conference on COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control with Central and Eastern European countries including Croatia under the framework of 17+1 Cooperation, to share experience and information on prevention and control, which detailed China’s early-actioned, comprehensive and effective anti-epidemic measures as well as our open, transparent and responsible attitude to have cooperation and communication with the international community from the very beginning since the outbreak of the epidemic. The Chinese Embassy in Croatia immediately informed the Croatian side of China’s prevention, control and treatment plan, and shared the knowledge base of anti-pandemic with the Croatian side. We hope that the experience gained from our blood and sweat can provide reference for the Croatian side in fighting the epidemic.

On April 12, medical supplies such as protective suites, surgical masks and gloves, aided by the Chinese government to Croatia arrived in Zagreb. Relevant Chinese authorities are stepping up efforts to facilitate the Croatian central and local governments to purchase medical supplies. The first batch of goods arrived on March 29, and more goods are to be delivered in succession. The Chinese Embassy in Croatia provided donations to the Croatian government for COVID-19 prevention and control and earthquake relief in Zagreb in the first place. More are coming from the local governments of China such as Shanghai Municipality, Yanchen city of Jiangsu province and Hainan Province etc. They are going to send anti-pandemic materials to their friendship and cooperative counties and cities in Croatia.

Chinese companies, groups and individuals are also taking action. Donations from China Road and Bridge Corporation, Huawei Technologies, China Aoyuan Group, China CIMM Group, BGI Group, Hikvision and other Chinese enterprises, and medical supplies such as surgical masks and test kits, have arrived and been delivered respectively and successively. Many Chinese companies and individuals are still bustling around for Croatia in fighting the pandemic. I would like to stress one point in particular. The Chinese nation always cherishes friendship and is grateful to those who provided help in need. During China’s fight against the epidemic, Croatian distributor Deltron raised 40,000 masks to back up China. Upon learning of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Croatia, Chinese company Gree Electric Appliances immediately raised a large number of masks and donated them to Deltron in return, which vividly demonstrated the friendship and cooperation between the Chinese and Croatian people.

Ambassador Xu stressed that China is ready to continue to work with Croatia and the international community, and proceed with confidence, face up to the challenges and work together to win the global battle against COVID-19. The sun always shines after the storm, and more Chinese tourists are looking forward to exploring the beauty of the Plitvice Lakes and the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. I believe this day will come soon!

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