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Fight Against the New Coronavirus Epidemic Together
2020-02-02 19:20

The outbreak of the epidemic of the new coronavirus-related pneumonia in China has attracted worldwide attention.

The Chinese people are now fighting a very serious battle against the epidemic. President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government attach great importance to the prevention and control of new coronavirus-related pneumonia and always put the safety of people's lives and health first. A strict nation-wide prevention and control program has been swiftly put in place. We have made every effort to educate the public nationally on how to prevent the disease. Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China has built a nationwide prevention and control system, and work in all aspects is underway. The reason why the Chinese government has been taking the most comprehensive and rigorous prevention and control measures with a high sense of responsibility for people's health, many of which go well beyond the requirements of the International Health Regulations, is to control the epidemic and bring the situation back to normal as soon as possible.

At present, the epidemic is generally controllable and curable. With the advantages of China's system and its previous beneficial experience, and the strong scientific and technological material foundation accumulated by the People's Republic of China for 70 years, the Chinese government had the determination, confidence, and ability to win the battle against this epidemic.

In the era of globalization, the destiny of all countries is closely linked, and we share weal and woe. From the very beginning, the Chinese side has attached great importance to international cooperation in public health. Based on the principle of openness, transparency and responsibility, we informed all parties of the epidemic situation in time and shared the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus. Chinese agencies abroad had also maintained close communication with the governments of the host countries, and notified the epidemic situation and China's prevention and control efforts in a timely manner. Many countries and the World Health Organization had actively evaluated, understood and supported for China's prevention and control measures. From the professional view, the WHO does not recommend hasty withdrawal of foreigners based in China. As a responsible country, China equally treats the Chinese people and foreigners in China, and will continue to effectively protect the health and safety of all. At the same time, China is also willing to maintain communication and cooperation with all countries, including the Croatian side, to curb the epidemic.

On January 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the novel coronavirus outbreak has become a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). However, the UN health body stressed that it does not recommend limiting trade and travel. It also once again spoke highly of China's prevention and containment measures. We hope that all parties respect the clear recommendation of WHO in an objective and fair manner and ensure that personnel and trade exchange between China and foreign countries will not be disturbed.

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