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Remarks by Ambassador Xu Erwen at the Reception For 60th Anniversary of Faculty of Kinesiology University of Zagreb

(Nov.19th, 2019,Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb)

Respected State Secretary Ms Branka Ramljak,

Respected Rector Damir Boras, University of Zagreb,

Respected Dean Krističević, Faculty of Kinesiology University of Zagreb,

Your Excellencies, Ambassadors,

Teachers and students,

Friends from media,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I want to start by thanking Dean Krističević, for inviting me to the reception in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. First of all, please allow me to extend on behalf of the Chinese Embassy to Croatia our warmest congratulations to the Faculty for the great achievements accomplished over the past 6 decades and for having trained so many world-class students and athletes. 

The Faculty of Kinesiology of University of Zagreb has made a long-term commitment to promote sports exchange and cooperation between China and Croatia. Currently, close to 100 students and athletes from Beijing Sport University are studying football, basketball, volleyball, handball etc. at this faculty. I just had a conversation with these students and athletes and I feel so pleased and touched to see their high-spirited outlook and professional and hardworking training process. I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the coaches, teachers and faculty members for tutoring our students and also my thanks to the Croatia friends from all walks of  life, Croatia government ,Croatia Ministry of education, the University of Zagreb, the Faculty of Kinesiology for your contribution and support to promote the friendship, exchanges and cooperation between our two countries and two peoples.

China and Croatia bilateral relationship have been growing very fast with traditional friendship deepening and pragmatic cooperations extended to all areas. Our bilateral relationship entered into one of the best period in history. Sports exchanges and cooperations are playing increasingly important role in fostering our ties and in promotion of our mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation.

----First, to many Chinese, Croatia is not only a country with rich historic heritage and fabulous scenery and beautiful people, but also a country of sports. Last year at the world football cup competition, Croatia got the second price which amazed the whole world, including 1.4 billion Chinese people. Hundreds and thousands of Chinese football fans are fascinated by Croatia and its football players. After the world cup, more and more Chinese tourists come to Croatia which made Croatia the most welcoming destination in Europe for the Chinese tourists this year. Tourism is the major driving force for Croatia 's economic growth. Sports and sports exchanges are really bringing great benefits to both countries and peoples.

----Second, both China and Croatia are working together to build One Belt and One Road based on joint consultation, joint contribution and shared development. One Belt and One Road is not only a road of connectivity of infrastructure, trade, investment, high digital economy, but also people to people. It is an open and inclusive platform for international cooperations. I am a strong believer that national relationship is based on the affections of the peoples. Sport cooperation is a big area for both China and Croatia to cooperate and to learn from each other between our two peoples. We have got a very good start in our cooperation of sports under the One Belt One Road and also another mechanism of China-Central and Eastern European cooperation.

----Third, our cooperation in sports is faced with great opportunities and will have even brighter prospect in future. Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of sports and cooperation with other countries along with the start of another round of reform and opening up policy. China's development concept is people oriented. The Fourth Plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC which was concluded in Beijing not long ago made a decision to establish a system of "stay true to the founding mission of the CPC and people centered policy" which is very significant for China's future development including sports as well. People's happiness is what we have been longing for and working for. We will continue to improve education, sports, other public services to give our people a greater sense of fulfillment, happiness and security. We are open to learn from each other, open to learn from the world and open to learn from Croatia.Sports will play an increasingly important role in this endeavor. I am confident more and more Chinese students will come to Croatia to study and Croatia teachers and students are most welcome to China. With joint efforts, I am confident our comprehensive cooperative partnership including sports will upgrade to another new high level.

Wish the Faculty of Kinesiology University of Zagreb a greater success. All the best wishes to all the friends present here tonight!.

Thank you!


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