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H.E. Ambassador Hu Zhaoming Meets with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Delegation

On March 30th , Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Croatia, H.E. Mr Hu Zhaoming met with the delegation from Houliping Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for Bone Disease and Rheumatism from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province of China which visited Croatia to seek cooperation.

H.E. Ambassador Hu Zhaoming said that the globalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (hereafter “TCM”) is an irresistible trend and facing better opportunities and conditions. At the moment, China and Croatia enjoy good relationship and the cooperation on TCM should become the new highlight of the cooperation in health tourism between the two countries. Recent public opinion poll about China-Croatia relations shows that more than 50% of Croatians regard the TCM as a symbol of China, providing a good foundation for developing bilateral cooperation on the TCM. H.E. Mr Hu Zhaoming expressed his hope that the experts of the delegation could make a good use of this opportunity of exchange and cooperation, to demonstrate the curative effect of TCM to Croatians and to open up more channels for long-term cooperation on the TCM between the two countries. Chinese Embassy in Croatia would assist in promoting.

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