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Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Croatia Holds the Reception Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of People's Liberation Army and the Theme Photo Exhibition "Journey of Glory"
On 26th July, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Croatia held a grand reception in the capital of Croatia Zagreb and warmly celebrated the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). H.E. Mr. Hu Zhaoming, Military Attaché Mr Zhen Zhongxing together with all the Embassy's staff and Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Ms Martina Dalić, Croatian Deputy Chief of General Staff and Rear Admiral Mr Robert Hranj and other high level military and government officials, diplomatic envoys and military attaché corps in Croatia, overseas Chinese, representative of Chinese investors and 150 other guests attended  the reception.  
Military Attaché Mr Zhen Zhongxing in his speech recalled the 90 years of glorious history of PLA and its contributions to the people's liberation, defending country's sovereignty, safety and development interests, as well as upholding world peace. Mr. Zhen also introduced the "Four Comprehensives" strategic blueprint raised by Chinese President Xi Jinping, new achievements of China's economic development, the iconic success of implementing the strategy for strengthening and reforming the army. He also stressed that Chinese army now focused on realization the "Chinese dream, Military Dream", striving to build a modern military system with Chinese characteristics and providing a firm assurance for the great renaissance of Chinese nation. Mr Zhen also rectrospected the high level visits of the armies of two countries, international peacekeeping, achievements of the  exchanges in the field of  military science and other ares and hoped that on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Croatia, the two sides could work together to promote the defense exchanges and cooperation  between the two countries to the new level.   
Croatian Deputy Chief of General Staff and Rear Admiral, Mr Robert Hranj, in his speech said that China has already became one of the largest economies in the world and played an important role in international matters. PLA has remarkable exploits in safeguarding Chinese territorial sovereignty and developmental interests. Also, PLA made positive contributions to maintaining world peace. Since 2001, 14 Croatian officers have already received training in Chinese high ranking military colleges and universities; In 2015, the visit of the Chinese Navy Fleet to Croatia opened a new chapter in the relations of the two armies. We believe that, with the support and advocation of the leaders of two countries, the pragmatic cooperation between the two arimies in the fields of high level visits, staff training, mutual visits of naval fleet will continuously be deepened.
Before the reception, H.E. Ambassador Mr Hu and Military Attaché Mr Zhen accompanied the Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Martina Dalić and other guests to see the theme photo exhibition "Journey of Glory". The reception was filled with warm and friendly atmosphere from the beginning till the end. The guests congratulated on the 90th anniversary of PLA, expressed their admiration for the achievements of reform of China's national defense and army and their appreciation for the documentary film "Chinese Army Today" and "Journey of Glory" exhibition. They also highly evaluated the unremitting efforts of the PLA and its great contribution to upholding world peace.


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