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H.E. Mr. Hu Zhaoming, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China Publishes an Signed Article on Croatian Mainstream Media "Jutarnji" to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between China and Croatia

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between China and Croatia, H.E. Mr. Hu Zhaoming, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Croatia, published a signed article headlined "China and Croatian Relationship Standing on the New Starting Point" on Croatian mainstream media "Jutarnji". The full text of the article follows.

If you are 25 years now, then I must congratulate you for your best year of the whole life. Today, let's celebrate the 25 year birthday for China and Croatia relations. 25 years ago, China and Croatia formally established diplomatic relations, opening a new era for friendly exchanges between peoples of the two countries. In the past 25 years, China and Croatia jointly composed a brilliant piece of music of equal treatment, mutually beneficial cooperation and friendly exchanges and set a good example for international relations in new era.

-- Since 1990s, dramatic changes occurred in international arena, people of the two countries chose different path of development that suits its national reality. China firmly supports Croatian for its national independence and economic reconstruction. Successive governments of Croatia have stick to the One China Principle and firmly supports core interests and concern of China. In recent years, national reality of both China and Croatia have changed greatly -- China has become the second biggest economy in the world, while Croatia joined North Atlantic Treaty Organization and European Union. What's remain unchanged is both countries insist on mutual respect and treat each other sincerely. Chinese side support Croatia's integration into Europe and Croatia has always deem China as good friend and good partner.

-- Steady progress has been made in cooperation in area of economics and trade, bringing tangible benefits for peoples of the two countries. In 1992, Bilateral trade volume between China and Croatia was 40 million USD. The number reached 1.178 billion USD in 2016, with an increase of nearly 30 times in 25 years. Huawei, Lenovo and other Chinese brands become well known in Croatia and large port machinery equipment produced in China play an important role in port of Rijeka and Ploce. At the same time, Croatian companies, including food producer Podravka and vintner Badel, have also entered Chinese market. High-quality Croatian food like wine, olive oil, sardines now can be found on dinning tables of Chinese family. Croatian Chamber of Commerce will open its first representative office in China, which will further promote the development of bilateral cooperation in fields of economic and trade.

-- People-to-people exchanges is the most active part of bilateral relations. Both China and Croatia have rich cultural deposits. "Happy Spring Festival" has become an important brand of cultural exchanges between the two countries. Confucius Institute attracts many a large number of Croatian who love Chinese culture, most of whom are teenagers. "Piano Prince" Maksim, cellist Rucner, band "Cello2" have put on performances in China for many times, while soccer players like Suker and Modric also have many fans in China.

25 is the best age for a person to plan his/her life. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, we will not only celebrate but also look into the future and depict a new blueprint for bilateral relations.

-- Enhance the level of political mutual trust and strategic cooperation between the two countries. As the saying goes, "the higher you stand , the further you see". 12 years ago, China and Croatia established All-round Partnership. Now, we should take a step forward and bring the bilateral relations to a new level. The two countries should look at each other from a strategic perspective and be a trusted and sincere friend to each other; both countries should regard each other as an opportunity for their own development and enhance the complementarity of each country's development strategies; both countries should communicate frankly and closely with respect to regional and international issues so as to become fellow travelers for promoting peace and justice of the world.

-- Firm confidence in the future of cooperation between China and Croatia. After I arrived, the most frequent question asked by Croatian friend to me is "how to enhance economic and trade cooperation between the two countries?" My answer is simple: be confident about the future of China and Croatia cooperation. 20 years ago, bilateral trade volume between China and Vietnam was only about 1 billion USD, which is equivalent to the current trade volume between China and Croatia. After 20 years, China and Vietnam trade volume has reached nearly 100 billion USD. China and Croatia is highly complementary in terms of economy. Croatia enjoys an outstanding land and sea location advantages and rich tourism resources. In the next 5 years, China will import 8 trillion USD of goods; foreign investment will reach 750 billion USD while Chinese citizens will make over 700 million outbound travel. We have every reason to expect China and Croatia economic and trade cooperation to create a new miracle in the next 25 years.

-- Inspire the participation of peoples of the two countries in the development process of bilateral relations. As the ancient Chinese saying goes, "Amity between people holds the key to sound relations between states. Harmony is built on the basis of mutual understanding and cooperation between people." President of Croatia, Mrs. Kitarovic proposed "for a better Croatia", advocating for each Croatian family to share the fruits of national development, which is highly compatible with the "People-centered" development concept raised by Xi Jinping, President of China. Chinese leaders underline that development must be for the people, by the people and its benefit should be shared among the people. China-Croatia relations should also be attended by the majority of the public of both sides and let the friendly cooperation between the two countries benefit their peoples.

For China-Croatia relations, the most important opportunity in the next 25 years is to better utilize "Belt and Road" initiative, realize the alignment between development strategy of the two countries and upgrade bilateral cooperation in full scale.

"Belt and Road" initiative was originated and promoted by President Xi Jinping. In the over three years since President Xi announced the initiative, the idea has caught on and cooperation has flourished. It has become the most popular international cooperation platform. Croatia is the hometown of Marco Polo, and has a special historical link with Silk Road; Croatia is located at the crossing of Belt and Road in the Central and Eastern Europe and enjoys a unique geographic advantage. "Three Sea Cooperation" initiative proposed by Croatian President Kitarovic is highly compatible with "Belt and Road" initiative which enables Croatia to have a head start in the construction of "Belt and Road".

In the coming weekend, 28 heads of state and government, together with over 1,000 representatives from 110 countries will gather in Beijing, attend "Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation" ( "BRF" hereafter) and jointly discuss the plan for "Belt and Road" construction. We are glad to see that the Prime Minister of Croatia, Mr. Plenkovic has already appointed high-level delegation to attend BRF. Chinese side thanks Croatian side for its support to the "Belt and Road" initiative and deeply believe that the "Belt and Road" construction will provide new and great impetus for pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.

According to historical records, 725 years ago, Marco Polo left China after many years of living there, set out on his journey back to Europe. After that, tens of thousands of people march his footprints and become the messenger of exchanges and cooperation between China and the West. Today, the new Silk Road once again makes Asia and Europe closely linked together, opens up a new era of common development of the East and the West. China and Croatia relation has made a special contribution to the Silk Road in the past and can also play a special role in the construction of the new Silk Road. Let us move forward hand in hand, to create a brighter future for China and Croatia relations!

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