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Ambassador Deng Ying Attended Farewell and Lantern Festival Reception Organized by Croatia-China Friendship Association

At the night of Feb 11th , upon invitation, Chinese Ambassador Deng Ying attended the farewell and Lantern Festival reception hosted by Croatia-China Friendship Association, with attendance of Mr. Mihelin, special representative of Croatian President and adviser for foreign and european affairs, former President Mr. Mesic, former President Mr. Josipovic with spouse, former Speaker Mr. Leko with spouse, Chairman of the Association Mr. Karafilipović and members of the Association, representatives of overseas Chinese in Croatia and staff of Chinese Embassy.


Mr. Karafilipović first addressed at the reception. On behalf of all the members of the Association, he expressed gratitude to Ambassador Deng for her positive contribution to the development of bilateral relations between Croatia and China, especially her support for the work of the Association. He said he would continue to follow the example of Ambassador Deng to carry forward the spirit of Silk Road, be dedicated to Croatia and China friendship and be Marco Polo in a new age.

Ambassador Deng extended festival greetings to the guests, and highly appreciated the Association for its positive contribution to promoting friendship between the two countries. She briefly retrospected the achievement of bilateral relations in recent years and expressed appreciation to former President Mr. Mesic, former President Mr. Josipovic, former Speaker Mr. Leko and other political figures who made important contribution to the development of bilateral relations. It is believed that under the care and support of former and current leaders and friends, bilateral relations would achieve greater development in the occasion of 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Croatia.

In his address Mr. Mihelin highly evaluated Ambassador Deng’s work, especially the efforts on promoting pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. He hoped that Ambassador Deng would keep up with the development of China and Croatia relations, and support the friendship between the two countries in a range of different ways.



The reception was full of passion, friendship and blessings. On the scene, members of the Association delivered a live recitation of their own poem to compliment China and Croatia friendship, played “The Butterfly Lovers”, “China, I love you” to express their good feelings towards China. Friends of all walks of life were competing to shake hands and take photos with Ambassador Deng, wished her “Bon Voyage” and welcome her “check back often”.


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