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Ambassador Deng Ying Attended the Farewell Symposium Hosted by Overseas Chinese in Croatia

On February 10th , Ambassador Deng Ying attended a farewell symposium hosted by overseas Chinese in Croatia. Heads of overseas Chinese communities, representatives from the China-funded companies and Confucius Institute and staff from the Embassy also attended the symposium.

Heads and representatives of Chinese communities expressed their reluctance for Ambassador Deng’s leaving, expressed gratitude for her great effort for the better development and getting integrated into mainstream society. They spoke highly of Embassy’s works on taking various forms to guide them to participate in bilateral pragmatic cooperation in economic and trade areas and cultural exchanges, setting up platforms for them and providing opportunities for presenting themselves. They also indicated that they would continue to carry forward the fine tradition of China and make a greater contribution to consolidating and developing the friendly cooperation between China and Croatia.

Ambassador Deng thanked Chinese communities in Croatia for their great support, positively evaluated the important development of bilateral relations between China and Croatia as well as the special contribution by overseas Chinese. She pointed out that, in recent years, Chinese Embassy pushed the Croatian President carrying a state visit to China, invited political figures including Mayor of capital city to inspect Chinese market, publicized “One Belt One Road” strategy, “16+1”cooperation and opportunity for international capacity cooperation, and invited overseas Chinese to participate in such important activities as the receiving the 19th Escort Task Group of the Chinese Navy, “Happy Spring Festival”and China National Day receptions, recommended them to attend meetings and training courses in China, organized seminars, had dialogues with powerful sectors of Croatian government, and helped them to show themselves and integrate into the mainstream society. We were pleased to see that some of the leaders from Chinese communities have stood out and played a leading role through their work and promotion. According to the latest guidance regarding overseas Chinese works, Ambassador Deng encouraged them to seize the opportunity of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Croatia to promote the construction of harmonious overseas Chinese community under the requirement of “standardization, functionality, rejuvenation and informatization”, to unite and help each other, to make greater contribution to pushing forward the development of bilateral relations, peaceful reunification of home country and realization of "China Dream" for great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

During the symposium Ambassador Deng awarded certificates of honor as an encouragement for overseas Chinese and Chinese communities making positive contributions to promoting the friendship between China and Croatia, carrying forward traditional food culture of China, participating in economic and trade cooperation.

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