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Ambassador Deng Ying Paid a Farewell Visit to Croatian Parliament Speaker Mr. Bozo Petrov

On February 10th, Chinese Ambassador Deng Ying paid a farewell visit to Croatian Parliament Speaker Mr. Bozo Petrov.

Ambassador Deng retrospected the sound development of the comprehensive partnership between China and Croatia , complimented Mr. Petrov on his positive contribution to the development of bilateral relations and expressed appreciation for the valuable support provided by the Parliament and people from all walks of life of Croatia to her work during this tenure. She pointed out that the present relationship between China and Croatia is at a transitional and crucial moment and this year marks the 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations, both sides should take this opportunity to achieve greater development of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Parliament speaker Petrov spoke highly of Ambassador Deng and complimented her unremitting efforts on promoting the development of friendly relations and pragmatic cooperation in all areas between the two countries during her tenure. He stressed that he himself and the Parliament will be, as they have always been, committed to the communication of legislative organs and the friendly development of mutual relationship. He expressed his hopes that Ambassador Deng will pay continual attention to the development of bilateral relations and come back to visit Croatia in the future.

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